Here’s What Our Happy Patients Have to Say

For over 20 years, Norwich Periodontal Associates and Dr. Christopher Trailor have provided exceptional periodontal care to countless satisfied patients throughout Connecticut. Here’s some of what our patients have to say…

We wholeheartedly recommend you as our D.M.D. of choice…

My wife and I have been your patients, Dr. Trailor, for more than five years. During that period, you have provided us with outstanding service. But, beyond that, your sincere caring for us as your patients has touched us.

Most recently, you corrected a problem I had in a manner which only served to reinforce your professionalism and integrity.

Whenever we come across family or friends who are in need of the services you provide, we wholeheartedly recommend you as our D.M.D. of choice.

Gary – Pomfret Center, CT
Friendly staff and very comfortable procedure….

I wanted to take a moment to thank you, Dr. Trailor, for your recent performance of excellent periodontal care for me recently. While I realize you strive to do excellent work every day, I was pleased to find your manner professional and up front. I believe your communication with me was fantastic, and your explanation and advice will serve me well in maintaining the excellent work you have begun. I appreciate your chair side manner, the friendly staff and very comfortable (as much as it could be) procedure. I again thank you for your assistance.

Rich – Norwich, CT
No discomfort in the process…

It was time to replace my 16 year-old lower denture, as it finally broke in half probably due to all those years of wobbling around. Upon recommendation, I visited Dr. Trailor of the Norwich Periodontal Associates, expecting to be given the “same old thing”, and I thought, “I’m seventy-five years old and I have to buy new dentures that most likely won’t be any different than what I had.”

Dr. Trailor introduced me to something called Locator Implants and the model he showed me was incredible! A lower plate that could snap into place and would NOT move, that was certainly appealing.

It’s all finished now with little or no discomfort in the process. Following is a list of just a few of the wonderful things I have experienced with this type of a denture:

  • Improved speech because the denture is so secure
  • No more paste
  • No more seeds which slip under the plate while eating—ouch
  • No more wiggle or wobble
  • In a restaurant, no more checking the menu two or three times to find something that I can comfortably eat
  • No more excusing myself from the table so that I can adjust the paste or remove food particles from under the plate in order to finish your dinner

Like to sing? I do. No more fear of slipping dentures when you hit the high notes. Like raw veggies or fruit? I do. It is now a wonderful experience to relax, eat and enjoy these types of foods. Anyone with lower dentures knows that they slip and slide and are generally very annoying and irritating. NOT ANY MORE. Locator implants are as close to the real thing as you are ever again going to get.

Gloria – Lebanon, CT
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